Apartments with sea view

Tourist Facility Apartments, Krasici, Tivat

Apartments with sea view for sale in Tivat

Apartments with sea view in Krasici, Tivat

The location for the construction of the hotel is located on the coast village Krasici, in the municipality of Tivat.
In beachfront of the hotel is a pontoon, owned by the facility, which can be used as an open bar with deck chairs and loungers.
The maximum capacity of the hotel is 12 beds.
Hotel area (beachfront) - 639 m2.
The hotel has proper documentation for construction.

Apartments Features


5 units (about 12 beds)


11 seats


5 parking lots


a la carte (40 seats)

Attractions and surroundings in Tivat

Krasici is located on the Lustica peninsula.
Krasici used to be a small and quiet village on a hill on the slopes of Obosnik, about 2 km from the sea. On the coast, below Krasic, there was a small fishing village Franciskovici, which, over time, was inhabited by residents of Krasic. In the middle of the last century, Krasici were left without a single inhabitant, and the locals began to call Franciskovici Krasici, and Krasici - Gornji Krasici. Today, in Gornji Krasici there is only an active cemetery within the church of Sv. Nicholas, and the Church of St. Martyrs, on the very shore of Krasic, is for worship.
Lustica and Krasici are part of the Bay of Kotor.

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