Hotel for sale in Bar

Hotel "Casa Del Mar"

Apartments for sale in Bar

Hotel located
in Bar, Montenegro

The hotel is located on a plot of 1200 m2, positioned between the main road and the coast. The hotel has private access to the coast.
Hotel area is 1233 m2 gross or 1014 m2 net + terrace 418 m2
The facility is under construction.
The maximum capacity of the hotel is 16 beds.
The facility has an open terrace with pool and bar with 24 seats.
The building has a construction application for the entire building.

Hotel Features


7 apartments (about 16 beds)



7 parking lots


a la carte

Bar - Attractions and surroundings

The main historical core in Bar is The Old Town. It is located 4 km from the coast, at an altitude of 110m. It was founded in the 11th century. This was the "heart" of Bar, from where it began to spread towards the sea. The landmark of Stari Bar is the aqueduct, which was built by the Turks.
The bar is also known for its many olive groves. Here you can see the Old Olive Tree on Mirovica, which is considered to be over 200 years old, one of the oldest olive trees in Europe. The old olive still bears fruit.
An interesting adventure is diving in the Bay of Bar. Diving gives you the opportunity to see ships, which have experienced a shipwreck here and remained in the sea - such as the ship of King Nicholas, the Austrian torpedo ship and the German cruiser "Forverz".
Another pastime in Bar is shopping. Thanks to the connection with Italy, Bar has a large selection of shops, which can offer you good prices for famous Italian brands, mostly out of season.
The bar is a place where you can find everything you need for a quiet, unforgettable, but not boring vacation.

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