Apartments for sale

Tourist Resort "Riviera", Prcanj, Kotor

Apartments for sale Prčanj, Kotor

Apartments in Tourist Resort "Riviera"

Location for the development of a tourist complex.
Location area: 3720 m2.
The tourist complex is located on the coast, in the village of Prcanj, not far from Kotor. It consists of a basic hotel building and 6 luxury villas.
The hotel has an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool and a bar with sun loungers.
The hotel also has a modern SPA center with an outdoor pool, as well as a restaurant (70 seats) with a kitchen.
The architectural conceptual design is the winner of the international architectural competition announced for this location.

Apartments Features


1 object
gross area 3.127 m2
18 hotel units (56 beds)


6 objects
gross area 283 m2
6 lux apartments (24 beds)


restaurant a la carte
hotel restaurant


outdoor pool with bar and loungers
beauty salon
fitness club

Attractions and surroundings in Prcanj

Prcanj, the only place in the world where “medicinal wind roses bloom”. We are heading towards the compass left by time, and calibrated by the profession: this is a fertile end for the healing of all kinds of diseases.
First stop - beautiful ancient Kotor. At the seventh kilometer, from here, between Orijen and Lovcen, there is a small  , like some unreal ship that dropped its anchors a long time ago to stay there for centuries.
Experts say: this is a place for the treatment of respiratory organs, heart, skin and nerve diseases in the synergy of nature’s gifts. The spa that is compared to thalassotherapy, today, with the French Deauville in which it is treated - stress. The trigger for severe illness of this time.
No wonder they compare Prcanj with Deauville. A Russian home was built in Prcanj. Before that, not far from here, a villa was built in which Njegos was treated.
A place where it is possible to find something different from - everyday. Peace and beauty of life in the unusual landscape of the healing Prcanj, in St. Mark’s Garden of the Bay of Kotor.
In addition to vacations and places to invest in residences and tourism, Prcanj is a potentially developed location for health tourism, which in the future will be a prerequisite for the development of high quality tourism, but also an investment in “resident type of living”.

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